Tom DeMarco, Timothy Lister "Peopleware"

See ei ole nüüd mingi õige blogipostitus, veel vähem raamatuarvestus. Lihtsalt leidsin mustandite seast tsitaadid raamatust "Peopleware", mida ma juba 2016. aastal lugesin. See on 1987. aastal kirjutatud raamat tarkvara arendusest, täpsemalt tarkvara arenduse sellest osast, mis on seotud projektide ja meeskondade juhtimisega ning inimvaraga üldiselt. Tarkvara, riistvara ja inimvara - see ongi nimelt kokku tarkvara arendus! 2016. aastaks olin ma tarkvara arendusega seotud olnud napi aastakese, mistõttu tollal mõjus sellise mitukümmend aastat vana klassikalise teose lugemine vägagi valgustavalt ja ma ei osanud siis küll hinnata, kui palju sellest praeguseks aegunud võiks olla (ei oska praegugi). Samas peab ütlema, et suur osa loetust kehtib laiemalt spetsialistide ja nende juhtimise kohta, olgu valdkond milline tahes, küll aga varieerub kindlasti valdkonniti see, kui teadlikud sellise elu võimalikkusest ollakse. 
“The fundamental response to change is not logical, but emotional.” 
“The manager’s function is not to make people work, but to make it possible for people to work.”
“We don’t work overtime so much to get the work done on time as to shield ourselves from blame when the work inevitably doesn’t get done on time.”
 “Learning is limited by an organization’s ability to keep its people.”
“Visual supervision is a joke for development workers. Visual supervision is for prisoners.” 
“Count on the best people outperforming the worst by about 10:1. Count on the best performer being about 2.5 times better than the median performer. Count on the half that are better-than-median performers outdoing the other half by more than 2:1.” 
“People who feel untrusted have little inclination to bond together into a cooperative team.”
“So far, the results confirm the folklore: Programmers seem to be a bit more productive after they’ve done the estimate themselves, compared to cases in which the manager did it without even consulting them. When the two did the estimating together, the results tended to fall in between.”
“The most surprising part of the 1985 Jeffery-Lawrence study appeared at the very end, when they investigated the productivity of 24 projects for which no estimates were prepared at all. These projects far outperformed all the others”
“A disturbing possibility is that overtime is not so much a means to increase the quantity of work time as to improve its average quality." 
“The project workers are the ones most familiar with the territory of the project. If a given direction doesn’t make sense to them, it doesn’t make any sense at all.” 
“Fostering an atmosphere that doesn’t allow for error simply makes people defensive.” 
“More important than any gimmick you introduce is a change in attitude. People must learn that it’s okay sometimes not to answer their phones, and they must learn that their time–not just the quantity but its quality–is important.” 
“Quality, far beyond that required by the end user, is a means to higher productivity.”

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